Welcome to Misty Mountain Estrelas

The Estrela Mountain dog.

The Estrela Mountain dog.

We became a breeder of Estrela Mountain Dog in the United States because we believe in this rare breed so strongly! We’ve known dogs our whole lives and none measure up to the Estrela.

Estrelas are renowned for their loyalty, courage and loving companionship; these characteristics make them the coveted breed they are. This majestic breed will protect your livestock, your family, your children and your house with all of their being. They are gentle in nature to humans ... and a protective force if needed.

Staying true to the social pack order that dogs were meant to live in creates a healthy, strong, happy Estrela. All of our Estrelas are sired and raised at our farm and trained by the same person – Robin Eatman. We strive to keep the ancient breed of Estrela Mountain Dogs today as pure, as regal, and as close as possible to their ancient upbringing (from Roman times).

Misty Mountain Estrelas is located 40 miles east of Charlotte, North Carolina. You are invited to come, enjoy a cup of coffee with us and allow us to proudly show off our beautiful Estrelas!