Ostra’s Nasya of Misty Mountain

Placed in United Kennel Club (UKC) Top Ten for 2012

“Ostra’s Nasya” translates to “Ostra's gift of God” in Hebrew. We call her “Smoke” for “Smokin’ O.”

She’s almost the exact image of her mother, Ostra. To look at Smoke is to see Ostra. The two are one. (Ostra was the mother of the Miracle Litter; she died in an emergency C-section).

Smoke, the loyal guardian, has the ability to “speak with her eyes” like Ostra did, and we love her greatly. She, like her mother, has bonded with my husband, Tim. He calls them both “pretty girl.”

Smoke is just one win away from being a UKC Champion.

She is most loving, and likes to lead. Her inquisitive mind means she’s always up front to check this or that out. Fear is not in her DNA.