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I will be breeding again this summer. Contact me to reserve a precious puppy!


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Contact Robin today to reserve a name for your new little bundle of joy. These puppies have wonderful sound temperament and range in color from fawn to grays.  Puppies come with current vaccines,  micro-chipped and the  guiding pamphlet as a helpful resource for a problem free addition to your family. 

Robin has  studied Canine Psychology for more than 20 years and has a Veterinary Assistance Certification.  Is  an evaluator  for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)  and Therapy Dogs International.  In addition to owning   two registered Therapy Dogs, she knows the importance of early training. Trained by Robin, all the puppies come with Basic Obedience already taught. They will also have been socialized with loud sounds and textures to help prevent problematic issues as they grow in your own family. Early training is a must with these puppies and the key to becoming a beloved member of your family.

 Misty Mountain Estrelas takes pride in the conditioning of the Estrela pups. Robin is your contact  for detailed information on the in depth conditioning of our pups to make the easiest transition into your home. She is always available for questions; before your precious one arrives or long after you have your puppy.   Don't hesitate to call with a concern or a happy story to add to Robin's smiles and heart warming tales.

Caution -   Regardless of the breed, some breeders are not as they advertise.   It is always in the best interest of the buyer to visit the breeder and their environment before purchasing a puppy.  The horrible business of puppy mills is, sadly, being used all over the world, by breeders advertising as other than they are.  Robin encourages you, as a buyer, to do back ground checks and know your breeder. She welcomes your visit  also, to see how the Estrelas live.

"When I was looking 3 years ago there were on 2 breeds in the U.S. Robin Eatman at Misty Mountain Estrelas impressed me the most though.  She actually cares about who the dogs go to."

Nycole R., Texas