Our Ethics & Experience  

We have been involved with Estrela mountain dogs since 2007, and have traveled to Portugal annually since 2009 to visit Estrela breeders and increase our knowledge of this outstanding breed. We are affiliated with two Portuguese dog clubs: LICRASE (Liga dos Criadores e Amigos do Cão da Serra da Estrela) and Associação Portuguesa do Cão da Serra da Estrela (APCSE).

Our Estrelas are all sired and raised in one place, and all trained by one person – Robin Eatman:

"Personally, I have been studying animal psychology since 1996 and have a Veterinary Assistant certification. I evaluate therapy dogs for certification and am a sought-after dog trainer. I am also a Reiki Master specializing in Animal Reiki and a Psychic-Medium specializing in Animal Communication.   My overall philosophy is simple: I ask my Estrelas to be all that they can be – not all that I want them to be. At Misty Mountain, we allow our Estrelas to develop their personalities, so that we understand them – who they are and what they need from us. The ultimate goal is make sure every match is the right fit for you and your family AND for the Estrela. We never have more Estrelas at Misty Mountain than we can work successfully. For us, it’s not about money; it’s about our passion for these amazing dogs. If you have done your research and believe that the Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed compatible with your lifestyle and energy level, please schedule a visit to Misty Mountain. Come to the farm and we’ll talk over coffee. Then we’ll spend some time petting, playing with, and walking the property with our beautiful Estrelas."  -Robin

References available upon request.