Champion Alvaro Carrado da Quinta de S. Fernando

United Kennel Club (UKC) Championed 2013

Canine Good Citizens & Therapy Dog International

His name translates to “Guardian Knight.”  We call him Knight.

I waited two years to get a puppy from a sire that I knew was a natural therapy dog in Portugal. Knight has so been worth the wait.

He’s a true therapy dog, with the best temperament I've ever seen in an Estrela. I give lectures in the summer to children on “How to Meet and Greet New Dogs.” Knight proudly works beside me at Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, bringing love to the children.

He sired the “Miracle Litter” puppies, and every puppy from him has his wonderful temperament.

Knight is true to his breed: a guardian, and also very gentle. A gentle giant. He’s the first to come if trouble is near. He never threatens. When needed, he takes care of any danger to his pack, human or canine. He’s also the Harry Houdini of dogs: he knows how to open  doors and will let himself AND his pack out for a run around the farm!

He’s full of love, fun and Estrela loyalty. I’m proud to call him my friend.