About Misty Mountain Estrelas

When you work with Misty Mountain Estrelas, you are not “purchasing a dog.” You are adding a family member and gaining a friend for life – not to mention the guardian protector that Estrelas are bred for. All of our Estrela puppies are pedigreed, and full veterinary records will be provided. The veterinary records of both parents will be made available if you wish to see them. All puppies receive training, and all owners will be instructed on how to reinforce that training once they return home. Our Estrelas are all sired and raised in one place – Misty Mountain Estrelas – and all trained by one person, Robin Eatman. They get daily workouts, to keep them happy and mentally stable. Each Estrela has a different outing during his or her workouts. For example, one likes to walk downhill and then run up it full speed. Another takes off like a bullet downhill and then walks back up. These workouts are as much fun for us as they are for the Estrelas. Each dog gets his or her own workout with our family – because each and every dog we have is part of our family! 

Finding your new family member starts with a visit to Misty Mountain. Come to the farm and we’ll talk over coffee. Then we’ll spend some time petting, playing with, and walking the property with our beautiful Estrelas.