Chanda Adel do Cabeco do Seixo

Placed in United Kennel Club (UKC) Top Ten for 2012

Her name translates to “Moon Breath.” We call her Chanda for short.

Traveling again to Portugal, I picked out a male Estrela from whom I wished to adopt female puppy. And that’s how Chanda found her way across the ocean to me. She arrived full of life and sass. Her breeder, Cabeco do Seixo, even said their kennel felt empty when Chanda came to us.

She is one win away from being a UKC Champion.

Chanda is a great princess and a lovely warrior in a dog's body. She sits in the seat with YOU. I’m not sure she knows she’s a dog, but she absolutely knows she’s an Estrela! If I find myself in need of backup, I look in Chanda’s direction. She is FULL of spunk, Estrela loyalty, pride, up for anything and everything! The males have to run fast to beat her to the front when danger is near.

Chanda is a great asset to Misty Mountain Estrelas and to America.