Champion Bella Amor da Quinta da Liria

United Kennel Club (UKC) Championed

Her name translates to “Beautiful Love.”

When Bella first came, she was this little bundle of love. A bit timid and scared. She would gently hide behind her sister, Kara, and peek around to view the world.

At first her name was only going to be “Bella” but she softly added “Amor.” She would play with her sister, then run up to you, press her little nose into your arm ... and run back off. She still does this! She checks in every so often just to show you some “love.” That’s how “Amor” was added.

She was also such a round little puppy, she earned the nickname “Portabella.” She’s not demanding and not in front. Bella has strong, silent energy. She watches from a distance, always on guard. More than once, when one of her pack jumps too close to me, or comes running too fast to stop, I’ve seen Bella fly from out of nowhere and pin the dog down to the ground, as she viewed them as a threat to me. Bella is a true guardian, a stunning Estrela and true to every trait of this outstanding breed.

She is the regal Estrela, loyal, protective and true to her name. She has matured into a beautiful Estrela. Bella has also claimed the status of “alpha female” of the pack. Bella is indeed “Beautiful Love.”