Training & Behavior  

All of the Estrelas are trained by Robin Eatman, owner of Misty Mountain Farms and Misty Mountain Estrelas.

Robin has a veterinary assistant certification and 20 years of animal behavior and dog training experience. She evaluates therapy dogs for certification and gives the AKA Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. She also brings experience as a psychic medium and animal communicator to her work with our Estrelas and with all dogs with whom she works.

Robin’s philosophy is purely positive training. Her trainees never learn to obey out of fear. Instead, they are given only positive reinforcement so that they remain happy and enjoy their training. Robin will set the expectations – and then it is up to the adopter owner to reinforce that training. By doing so, the  owner will create a bond between himself or herself and the Estrela, and earn the Estrela’s respect.

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DVD now available!
Animal Psychology with Robin Eatman

Thinking about adopting or purchasing a puppy or adult dog? Want to understand your family dogs better?

Robin Eatman shares some of her best training and behavior knowledge in this 54-minute video, available on DVD. In this video, you’ll learn

  1. Why positive training works
  2. Why it’s so important that you earn your dog’s respect
  3. The research you must do before you bring home a new dog
  4. The true cause of most behavior problems
  5. How to meet and greet new dogs with your dog
  6. When and where to use a flexible leash (and when not to)
  7. What is proper exercise? Mental stimulation? Grooming?
  8. The difference between love and respect from your dog
  9. Why flooding doesn’t work
  10. Overcoming fears and negative behaviors in your dog
  11. Leading vs. following – and why the difference matters
  12. Dominant breeds vs. dominant behavior
  13. The right way to say “no” to your dog
  14. And more!

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