I just have to say that watching Robin and her Estrelas is one of the most beautiful, natural things that I have ever seen. She communicates with them; knows what they are feeling; knows what they are thinking. It is simply amazing to watch her communicate and talk with her animals. They are such majestic animals, too. The way they hold their heads; the way they walk, run, and play together. It is like watching royalty right before your eyes. These dogs are so beautiful and amazing. They are highly intelligent (and so is their master). Robin is extremely gifted in many areas. She can communicate with living animals or even ones that have crossed over. I would highly recommend her to anyone for anything. She is as amazing as her animals!
K. Whitley

We got our fuzzy-kid from Robin a few weeks ago. He is a big lover-boy, what a great dog he is. He is just getting to know us and the others of our pack, and he tries so hard to please us. Every one who meets him loves him. He is living up to his breeding and is becoming very good at his job of guarding us and our pack .Thank you so much Robin for this wonderful beast. We love him so much.
F. Smith

It is with immense pride that I see this beautiful Portuguese race across borders to be as successful. Congratulations! I'm sorry that the Portuguese government does little or nothing to help the designers spread this magnificent working breed. Hope everything will go well and having much success with its layers of this breed dogs deserve. They are the best that Portugal has to offer in the dog breeding world. A hug from this Portuguese. Very proud of your work, congratulations.
D. Friberg

"I spoke with Robin this afternoon on the phone for about an hour and was amazed by her insight into our families situation with our dominant puppy. Without actually meeting us in person she was able to listen and give me insight into different behaviors I was doing that were getting in the way of our puppies rehabilitation. Her "lay the cards on the table" bluntness is a welcome way of communication as it helped me to understand exactly where I was falling short. Thank you so much Robin!"
Jennifer, Charlotte, NC

"We contacted Robin about our precious Nicholas, a two-year-old male Estrela. We had had a series of unfortunate events that had led my wife to "pack his bags". To say the least we were at our wits end…. I initially explained the situation to Robin, airing our dirty laundry about Nicholas and us. She agreed to meet with Judi and I the next morning via phone conference. I was so impressed with the information she had shared with me about the breed and that the issues we were having were very “fixable and it wasn’t an Estrela problem”. I was so excited for our meeting, because I knew in my heart she had the answers we needed and she was willing to share her knowledge with us. During our conversation with Robin she explained the need to establish some boundaries with Nicholas and, to Judi’s surprise the root of the issue the very poorly behaved pair of Miniature Schnauzers that were teasing him. Robin spent a great deal of time talking about the need to establish respect with all of our dogs, and how implementing a few techniques would improve our relationships with our family of dogs. Making sure that our dogs were well exercised would be key to our success. Understanding the Estrela breed through Robin’s experienced eyes gave us comfort and confidence in the tasks that lay in front of us. Robin gave us hope that we could “fix” our Nicholas, and at the end of the day fix ourselves. Understanding that he truly didn’t have much respect for me and I was allowing him to push me around became my primary focus (along with exercise). We also came to learn that those little terriers had some respect issues also and we would need to establish new expectations with them as well. As we started to put in to practice what we had learned, I was amazed at how quickly they all seemed to learn. Our house has been much more peaceful. The dogs seem to be less wound up and more eager to listen and be respectful. We feel like Robin gave us our miracle with her wisdom and willingness to share with us her extensive knowledge of not only The Estrela, but also dogs in general. We will be forever grateful to her for the wonderful advise she gave us, and continues to give us when we have questions or concerns about what she had told us."  (This was not an Estrela bred at Misty Mountain Estrelas) 
John & Judi, Grand Junction, CO

I LOVE that philosophy you have. That speaks true to so much nurture you have for your dogs, I completely agree with you on that ideal! I wish more breeders practiced it that way!   Cathee,     Ohio