3X Champion Meu Beau Ami

United Kennel Club (UKC) Championed 2007
Canine Good Citizens & Therapy Dog International certifications, 2008

His father is from Portugal, hence the first name “Meu” (“My” in Portuguese). His mother is from France, hence the last two names “Beau Ami” (“Beautiful Friend” in French). “My Beautiful Friend”   - his perfect name.

Beau, our first Estrela, started this whole breeding program. He came to us abused, starved and sick. Skin and bones. So sad. That first night, he just wanted a safe place. He found it, huddled next to my daughter, which I captured with my camera. It took months of veterinarian trips and several vets before I found one that would help. Beau had zero muscle mass. I started his rehabilitation with 50-yard walks. He was wobbly on his feet. Had no clue how to jump, but with no muscles, I don't think that was an option anyway. The only thing Beau had at the first was a 'nice manner' to him. Which, with his past, was quite a character trait to bring. He didn’t show much in the way of emotion. I don't think he allowed himself to get excited about people. People had not treated him kindly. Five months down the road, he started gaining weight. We were now up to a couple miles’ run each day: me in the 4-wheeler and him following. Working out slowly but surely, every day, rain or shine. As his muscles built up, I added more challenging routines in running up our farm’s natural hills and valleys. But what took us all by surprise was his temperament. After all he’d been put through, he was so gentle and trusting. He did all we asked of him. And as time went by, I started to see the very smallest tail wag.

Today, I can proudly say that his wag sweeps from side to side with happy delight and his eyes dance with joy. He has the typical Estrela “just needs to be with his owner” attitude. He loves more than any breed I've ever known. He’s GREAT with children. And all who meet him fall in love with him. I started showing him in December 2007, and he Championed at his first show. I cried, knowing his shape when he came. And now, look where he was. Beau is now a 3-time Champion. It was my golden boy, Meu Beau Ami, who showed me – this breed needs growth here in the states. He’s like Rocky to me. A hero for himself.

Beau is a solid dog for the foundation of Misty Mountain Estrelas. There will be many males to come, but Champion Meu Beau Ami will always be the rock upon which Misty Mountain Estrelas was built.

On December 23, 2008, Beau passed the Canine Good Citizens (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) certifications. This means Beau can visit hospitals, schools and nursing homes. He proudly works at Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, to bring gifts, cheer and love to children in need. There’s no greater gift than to “give back.” Beau is one of the best therapy dogs I've ever had the honor of knowing.  His special bond is working with children and our military vets.

If we’re lucky, once in a lifetime, we have the magical pleasure of meeting a soul animal that comes to teach us. Beau has taught me to be a better person, to overcome all in our past, to hold our head high and embrace life. Beau is my soul animal. I saved his life by taking him, and in return he saved my life. We are honored to have Beau at Misty Mountain Estrelas.  He makes us proud!