Welcome to Misty Mountain Estrelas

The Estrela Mountain dog.

The Estrela Mountain dog.

We became a breeder of Estrela Mountain Dog in the United States because we believe in this rare breed so strongly! We’ve known dogs our whole lives and none measure up to the Estrela.

Estrelas are renowned for their loyalty, courage and loving companionship; these characteristics make them the coveted breed they are. This majestic breed will protect your livestock, your family, your children and your house with all of their being. They are gentle in nature to humans ... and a protective force if needed.

Staying true to the social pack order that dogs were meant to live in creates a healthy, strong, happy Estrela. All of our Estrelas are sired and raised at our farm and trained by the same person – Robin Eatman. We strive to keep the ancient breed of Estrela Mountain Dogs today as pure, as regal, and as close as possible to their ancient upbringing (from Roman times).

Misty Mountain Estrelas is located 40 miles east of Charlotte, North Carolina. You are invited to come, enjoy a cup of coffee with us and allow us to proudly show off our beautiful Estrelas!


About Misty Mountain Estrelas

When you work with Misty Mountain Estrelas, you are not “purchasing a dog.” You are adding a family member and gaining a friend for life – not to mention the guardian protector that Estrelas are bred for. All of our Estrela puppies are pedigreed, and full veterinary records will be provided. The veterinary records of both parents will be made available if you wish to see them. All puppies receive training, and all owners will be instructed on how to reinforce that training once they return home. Our Estrelas are all sired and raised in one place – Misty Mountain Estrelas – and all trained by one person, Robin Eatman. They get daily workouts, to keep them happy and mentally stable. Each Estrela has a different outing during his or her workouts. For example, one likes to walk downhill and then run up it full speed. Another takes off like a bullet downhill and then walks back up. These workouts are as much fun for us as they are for the Estrelas. Each dog gets his or her own workout with our family – because each and every dog we have is part of our family! 

Finding your new family member starts with a visit to Misty Mountain. Come to the farm and we’ll talk over coffee. Then we’ll spend some time petting, playing with, and walking the property with our beautiful Estrelas.



Our Ethics & Experience  

We have been involved with Estrela mountain dogs since 2007, and have traveled to Portugal annually since 2009 to visit Estrela breeders and increase our knowledge of this outstanding breed. We are affiliated with two Portuguese dog clubs: LICRASE (Liga dos Criadores e Amigos do Cão da Serra da Estrela) and Associação Portuguesa do Cão da Serra da Estrela (APCSE).

Our Estrelas are all sired and raised in one place, and all trained by one person – Robin Eatman:

"Personally, I have been studying animal psychology since 1996 and have a Veterinary Assistant certification. I evaluate therapy dogs for certification and am a sought-after dog trainer. I am also a Reiki Master specializing in Animal Reiki and a Psychic-Medium specializing in Animal Communication.   My overall philosophy is simple: I ask my Estrelas to be all that they can be – not all that I want them to be. At Misty Mountain, we allow our Estrelas to develop their personalities, so that we understand them – who they are and what they need from us. The ultimate goal is make sure every match is the right fit for you and your family AND for the Estrela. We never have more Estrelas at Misty Mountain than we can work successfully. For us, it’s not about money; it’s about our passion for these amazing dogs. If you have done your research and believe that the Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed compatible with your lifestyle and energy level, please schedule a visit to Misty Mountain. Come to the farm and we’ll talk over coffee. Then we’ll spend some time petting, playing with, and walking the property with our beautiful Estrelas."  -Robin

References available upon request.


Estrela History

Estrelas are descended from one of the oldest breeds of the Iberian Peninsula, and lived in the high mountains of Portugal before Roman times. Over time, the Serra da Estrela Mountains in Portugal became their recognized place of origin. They were used to protect sheep and cattle, defending against wolves and thieves as the shepherds moved flocks across the mountains. They even continued to guard the flocks when the shepherd would leave on other business! That history tells you a little about their independence: they will not only watch and defend your home while waiting patiently for you and your family to return, but also act by themselves in cases of danger.

The Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed of companionship. Estrelas thrive on human interaction and attention. They are good family dogs, very tolerant with children.  Estrela’s behavior depends very much on two things: the training and socialization he or she receives early on, and the Estrela’s relationship and reinforced training with his or her master and family members. Estrelas are very obedient to their families. Good leadership and understanding of the Estrela’s unique character will help this dog thrive.
Estrelas are legendary for their bravery, faithfulness and gentleness, whether guarding their flocks or property or accompanying their people.  The Estrela has a special fondness of children and are called The Gentle Giants.   Our good friends at Cabeço do Seixo, Estrela breeders in the town of Fundão, in the foothills of the Estrela mountains, describe them as “one of the most valuable items of the Portuguese heritage, one of the best working, guardian and company dogs.” We’re sure that once you get to know the Estrela, you’ll love the breed as much as we do. So gentle in nature to humans, yet a protective force if needed.


Training & Behavior  

All of the Estrelas are trained by Robin Eatman, owner of Misty Mountain Farms and Misty Mountain Estrelas.

Robin has a veterinary assistant certification and 20 years of animal behavior and dog training experience. She evaluates therapy dogs for certification and gives the AKA Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. She also brings experience as a psychic medium and animal communicator to her work with our Estrelas and with all dogs with whom she works.

Robin’s philosophy is purely positive training. Her trainees never learn to obey out of fear. Instead, they are given only positive reinforcement so that they remain happy and enjoy their training. Robin will set the expectations – and then it is up to the adopter owner to reinforce that training. By doing so, the  owner will create a bond between himself or herself and the Estrela, and earn the Estrela’s respect.

To make your appointment with Robin Eatman, please click here.


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Animal Psychology with Robin Eatman

Thinking about adopting or purchasing a puppy or adult dog? Want to understand your family dogs better?

Robin Eatman shares some of her best training and behavior knowledge in this 54-minute video, available on DVD. In this video, you’ll learn

  1. Why positive training works
  2. Why it’s so important that you earn your dog’s respect
  3. The research you must do before you bring home a new dog
  4. The true cause of most behavior problems
  5. How to meet and greet new dogs with your dog
  6. When and where to use a flexible leash (and when not to)
  7. What is proper exercise? Mental stimulation? Grooming?
  8. The difference between love and respect from your dog
  9. Why flooding doesn’t work
  10. Overcoming fears and negative behaviors in your dog
  11. Leading vs. following – and why the difference matters
  12. Dominant breeds vs. dominant behavior
  13. The right way to say “no” to your dog
  14. And more!

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Estrelas for Sale

We are waiting on Miss Luma is come into any day now! Contact me to reserve a precious puppy!


Call:    704-385-9928  or email at :   MistyMtFarms@aol.com

Contact Robin today to reserve a name for your new little bundle of joy. These puppies have wonderful sound temperament and range in color from fawn to grays.  Puppies come with current vaccines,  micro-chipped and the  guiding pamphlet as a helpful resource for a problem free addition to your family. 

Robin has  studied Canine Psychology for more than 20 years and has a Veterinary Assistance Certification.  Is  an evaluator  for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)  and Therapy Dogs International.  In addition to owning   two registered Therapy Dogs, she knows the importance of early training. Trained by Robin, all the puppies come with Basic Obedience already taught. They will also have been socialized with loud sounds and textures to help prevent problematic issues as they grow in your own family. Early training is a must with these puppies and the key to becoming a beloved member of your family.

 Misty Mountain Estrelas takes pride in the conditioning of the Estrela pups. Robin is your contact  for detailed information on the in depth conditioning of our pups to make the easiest transition into your home. She is always available for questions; before your precious one arrives or long after you have your puppy.   Don't hesitate to call with a concern or a happy story to add to Robin's smiles and heart warming tales.

Caution -   Regardless of the breed, some breeders are not as they advertise.   It is always in the best interest of the buyer to visit the breeder and their environment before purchasing a puppy.  The horrible business of puppy mills is, sadly, being used all over the world, by breeders advertising as other than they are.  Robin encourages you, as a buyer, to do back ground checks and know your breeder. She welcomes your visit  also, to see how the Estrelas live.

"When I was looking 3 years ago there were on 2 breeds in the U.S. Robin Eatman at Misty Mountain Estrelas impressed me the most though.  She actually cares about who the dogs go to."

Nycole R., Texas


3X Champion Meu Beau Ami

United Kennel Club (UKC) Championed 2007
Canine Good Citizens & Therapy Dog International certifications, 2008

His father is from Portugal, hence the first name “Meu” (“My” in Portuguese). His mother is from France, hence the last two names “Beau Ami” (“Beautiful Friend” in French). “My Beautiful Friend”   - his perfect name.

Beau, our first Estrela, started this whole breeding program. He came to us abused, starved and sick. Skin and bones. So sad. That first night, he just wanted a safe place. He found it, huddled next to my daughter, which I captured with my camera. It took months of veterinarian trips and several vets before I found one that would help. Beau had zero muscle mass. I started his rehabilitation with 50-yard walks. He was wobbly on his feet. Had no clue how to jump, but with no muscles, I don't think that was an option anyway. The only thing Beau had at the first was a 'nice manner' to him. Which, with his past, was quite a character trait to bring. He didn’t show much in the way of emotion. I don't think he allowed himself to get excited about people. People had not treated him kindly. Five months down the road, he started gaining weight. We were now up to a couple miles’ run each day: me in the 4-wheeler and him following. Working out slowly but surely, every day, rain or shine. As his muscles built up, I added more challenging routines in running up our farm’s natural hills and valleys. But what took us all by surprise was his temperament. After all he’d been put through, he was so gentle and trusting. He did all we asked of him. And as time went by, I started to see the very smallest tail wag.

Today, I can proudly say that his wag sweeps from side to side with happy delight and his eyes dance with joy. He has the typical Estrela “just needs to be with his owner” attitude. He loves more than any breed I've ever known. He’s GREAT with children. And all who meet him fall in love with him. I started showing him in December 2007, and he Championed at his first show. I cried, knowing his shape when he came. And now, look where he was. Beau is now a 3-time Champion. It was my golden boy, Meu Beau Ami, who showed me – this breed needs growth here in the states. He’s like Rocky to me. A hero for himself.

Beau is a solid dog for the foundation of Misty Mountain Estrelas. There will be many males to come, but Champion Meu Beau Ami will always be the rock upon which Misty Mountain Estrelas was built.

On December 23, 2008, Beau passed the Canine Good Citizens (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) certifications. This means Beau can visit hospitals, schools and nursing homes. He proudly works at Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, to bring gifts, cheer and love to children in need. There’s no greater gift than to “give back.” Beau is one of the best therapy dogs I've ever had the honor of knowing.  His special bond is working with children and our military vets.

If we’re lucky, once in a lifetime, we have the magical pleasure of meeting a soul animal that comes to teach us. Beau has taught me to be a better person, to overcome all in our past, to hold our head high and embrace life. Beau is my soul animal. I saved his life by taking him, and in return he saved my life. We are honored to have Beau at Misty Mountain Estrelas.  He makes us proud!


Champion Bella Amor da Quinta da Liria

United Kennel Club (UKC) Championed

Her name translates to “Beautiful Love.”

When Bella first came, she was this little bundle of love. A bit timid and scared. She would gently hide behind her sister, Kara, and peek around to view the world.

At first her name was only going to be “Bella” but she softly added “Amor.” She would play with her sister, then run up to you, press her little nose into your arm ... and run back off. She still does this! She checks in every so often just to show you some “love.” That’s how “Amor” was added.

She was also such a round little puppy, she earned the nickname “Portabella.” She’s not demanding and not in front. Bella has strong, silent energy. She watches from a distance, always on guard. More than once, when one of her pack jumps too close to me, or comes running too fast to stop, I’ve seen Bella fly from out of nowhere and pin the dog down to the ground, as she viewed them as a threat to me. Bella is a true guardian, a stunning Estrela and true to every trait of this outstanding breed.

She is the regal Estrela, loyal, protective and true to her name. She has matured into a beautiful Estrela. Bella has also claimed the status of “alpha female” of the pack. Bella is indeed “Beautiful Love.”


Champion Alvaro Carrado da Quinta de S. Fernando

United Kennel Club (UKC) Championed 2013

Canine Good Citizens & Therapy Dog International

His name translates to “Guardian Knight.”  We call him Knight.

I waited two years to get a puppy from a sire that I knew was a natural therapy dog in Portugal. Knight has so been worth the wait.

He’s a true therapy dog, with the best temperament I've ever seen in an Estrela. I give lectures in the summer to children on “How to Meet and Greet New Dogs.” Knight proudly works beside me at Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, bringing love to the children.

He sired the “Miracle Litter” puppies, and every puppy from him has his wonderful temperament.

Knight is true to his breed: a guardian, and also very gentle. A gentle giant. He’s the first to come if trouble is near. He never threatens. When needed, he takes care of any danger to his pack, human or canine. He’s also the Harry Houdini of dogs: he knows how to open  doors and will let himself AND his pack out for a run around the farm!

He’s full of love, fun and Estrela loyalty. I’m proud to call him my friend.



Chanda Adel do Cabeco do Seixo

Placed in United Kennel Club (UKC) Top Ten for 2012

Her name translates to “Moon Breath.” We call her Chanda for short.

Traveling again to Portugal, I picked out a male Estrela from whom I wished to adopt female puppy. And that’s how Chanda found her way across the ocean to me. She arrived full of life and sass. Her breeder, Cabeco do Seixo, even said their kennel felt empty when Chanda came to us.

She is one win away from being a UKC Champion.

Chanda is a great princess and a lovely warrior in a dog's body. She sits in the seat with YOU. I’m not sure she knows she’s a dog, but she absolutely knows she’s an Estrela! If I find myself in need of backup, I look in Chanda’s direction. She is FULL of spunk, Estrela loyalty, pride, up for anything and everything! The males have to run fast to beat her to the front when danger is near.

Chanda is a great asset to Misty Mountain Estrelas and to America.


Ostra’s Nasya of Misty Mountain

Placed in United Kennel Club (UKC) Top Ten for 2012

“Ostra’s Nasya” translates to “Ostra's gift of God” in Hebrew. We call her “Smoke” for “Smokin’ O.”

She’s almost the exact image of her mother, Ostra. To look at Smoke is to see Ostra. The two are one. (Ostra was the mother of the Miracle Litter; she died in an emergency C-section).

Smoke, the loyal guardian, has the ability to “speak with her eyes” like Ostra did, and we love her greatly. She, like her mother, has bonded with my husband, Tim. He calls them both “pretty girl.”

Smoke is just one win away from being a UKC Champion.

She is most loving, and likes to lead. Her inquisitive mind means she’s always up front to check this or that out. Fear is not in her DNA.


I just have to say that watching Robin and her Estrelas is one of the most beautiful, natural things that I have ever seen. She communicates with them; knows what they are feeling; knows what they are thinking. It is simply amazing to watch her communicate and talk with her animals. They are such majestic animals, too. The way they hold their heads; the way they walk, run, and play together. It is like watching royalty right before your eyes. These dogs are so beautiful and amazing. They are highly intelligent (and so is their master). Robin is extremely gifted in many areas. She can communicate with living animals or even ones that have crossed over. I would highly recommend her to anyone for anything. She is as amazing as her animals!
K. Whitley

We got our fuzzy-kid from Robin a few weeks ago. He is a big lover-boy, what a great dog he is. He is just getting to know us and the others of our pack, and he tries so hard to please us. Every one who meets him loves him. He is living up to his breeding and is becoming very good at his job of guarding us and our pack .Thank you so much Robin for this wonderful beast. We love him so much.
F. Smith

It is with immense pride that I see this beautiful Portuguese race across borders to be as successful. Congratulations! I'm sorry that the Portuguese government does little or nothing to help the designers spread this magnificent working breed. Hope everything will go well and having much success with its layers of this breed dogs deserve. They are the best that Portugal has to offer in the dog breeding world. A hug from this Portuguese. Very proud of your work, congratulations.
D. Friberg

"I spoke with Robin this afternoon on the phone for about an hour and was amazed by her insight into our families situation with our dominant puppy. Without actually meeting us in person she was able to listen and give me insight into different behaviors I was doing that were getting in the way of our puppies rehabilitation. Her "lay the cards on the table" bluntness is a welcome way of communication as it helped me to understand exactly where I was falling short. Thank you so much Robin!"
Jennifer, Charlotte, NC

"We contacted Robin about our precious Nicholas, a two-year-old male Estrela. We had had a series of unfortunate events that had led my wife to "pack his bags". To say the least we were at our wits end…. I initially explained the situation to Robin, airing our dirty laundry about Nicholas and us. She agreed to meet with Judi and I the next morning via phone conference. I was so impressed with the information she had shared with me about the breed and that the issues we were having were very “fixable and it wasn’t an Estrela problem”. I was so excited for our meeting, because I knew in my heart she had the answers we needed and she was willing to share her knowledge with us. During our conversation with Robin she explained the need to establish some boundaries with Nicholas and, to Judi’s surprise the root of the issue the very poorly behaved pair of Miniature Schnauzers that were teasing him. Robin spent a great deal of time talking about the need to establish respect with all of our dogs, and how implementing a few techniques would improve our relationships with our family of dogs. Making sure that our dogs were well exercised would be key to our success. Understanding the Estrela breed through Robin’s experienced eyes gave us comfort and confidence in the tasks that lay in front of us. Robin gave us hope that we could “fix” our Nicholas, and at the end of the day fix ourselves. Understanding that he truly didn’t have much respect for me and I was allowing him to push me around became my primary focus (along with exercise). We also came to learn that those little terriers had some respect issues also and we would need to establish new expectations with them as well. As we started to put in to practice what we had learned, I was amazed at how quickly they all seemed to learn. Our house has been much more peaceful. The dogs seem to be less wound up and more eager to listen and be respectful. We feel like Robin gave us our miracle with her wisdom and willingness to share with us her extensive knowledge of not only The Estrela, but also dogs in general. We will be forever grateful to her for the wonderful advise she gave us, and continues to give us when we have questions or concerns about what she had told us."  (This was not an Estrela bred at Misty Mountain Estrelas) 
John & Judi, Grand Junction, CO

I LOVE that philosophy you have. That speaks true to so much nurture you have for your dogs, I completely agree with you on that ideal! I wish more breeders practiced it that way!   Cathee,     Ohio